Commercial Safety

Traffic Visibility

Soft polyester w. 5 point breakaway CSA vest, solid or mesh, Lime Green or Orange


Soft polyseter CSA shirts: Long or Short sleeve avail in Lime Green or Orange


Outerwear in Light / Heavy or Rain: Jackets (Regular or 3-in-1), Pants - avail in Lime Green or Orange 

CSA Long Rain Slicker with Hood: Lime Green only


Protective gloves including standard, chemical or up to a Class 5 Cut resistance

Hard hats: Standard or Side Impact avail in Red / Orange / Dark Blue / Pink / White + more

Fall and Movement Restiction Harnesses and Devices from top manufacturers 


Coveralls: Striped in Regular, Firewall or Nomex. Also avail with no stripes



Surveyor, Supervisor or Medical Vests


Ankle / Wrist wraps with or without Reflective Stripes

Safety Eyewear / Goggles

Ear Plugs


Fire Blankets