First Aid & Training


Complete first aid kits in either plastic, metal or soft side cases. First Aid kit items in either compressed or non compressed, bulk or individual pieces. We specialize in creating custom kits to meet your needs

Medical supplies - O2 devices, Airway Management, Splinting, Dressing or Gauze reqiurments, CPR Training and much more, for First Aid for the home, office, commercial or recreation environment.




SafeCross Medical Supplies:

BioMed Wash™:

BioMed Wash Is a sterile, heavy mist containing 100% Bio-Logic Aqua™, all natural, PH correct, pure tissue-culture grade of water. Emergency Eye Wash, Wound Care Management, 4 Year Shelf Life, 100% Sterile 100% of the Time.


Twin 7oz Eyewash Station     3oz w. optional Holster     12 or 15 soft case pack 


 7oz w. Security Tab     Truck Mount for 7oz     Wall Mount for24, 7oz Bottle Dis.     

BioMed Wash MSDS     BioMed Wash Presentation