PAC is one of the leading manufacturers of tool mounts for mobile applications. What does that mean? It means that whether you need shelving for a truck, strapping brackets for a ship, or mounting brackets for fire equipment, PAC will deliver top quality solutions and great service.

Positive Locking Brackets:



Friction Locking Brackets:


FlexMount Short also available (click here)

Hanger and Pocket Brackets:




Tool Specific Brackets:




Mulit Use Brackets:


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PAC Trac Family:

Pac Trac (7000)


Pac Tool Mounting Brackets can be installed anywhere!

In line with the tracks
At right angles to the tracks
At 45 degree angles to the tracks
Assembling Multiple Sections
Side-by-side sections permit maximum use of storage space. Z-Mount joins the sections into an assembly.

Rugged Strength
Pac Trac permits use as horizontal or vertical slide-out tool boards, adjustable self-supporting shelving, wall and/or door mounted assemblies.

9G impact tests completed and documents by Akron Rubber Development Laboratory. (Test data provided on request.)


Pac Dual Trac (7020)
Pac Dual Trac incorporates all the features of Pac Trac plus a unistrut style center track for A4006 1/4-20 Channel Nuts as well as the P/N 3023 10-24 Pac Nylon Channel Nut.

Pac Dual Trac can be purchased in 50", 70" and 120" lengths and can be custom-cut to desired length sections.

Pac Dual Trac is 5-3/4" wide, 7/8" high, extruded of 6063-T5 mill finish aluminum. Weight is approximately 2 lbs. per foot.

Mounting - Pac Dual Trac is mounted the same as Pac Trac and can be used with other sections of Pac Dual Trac or integrated with Pac Trac.

Other Trac's:

Modular Kits: