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The only Fire Rated Extrication Glove

When the call comes in for a trapped victim, trust in the protection of Dragon Fire Extrication Gloves, from Firemans Shield!  When your mind is concentrating on controling hazards and gaining access, let us concentrate on your safety.

During any emergency, the situation can change rapidly and in unexpected ways. While you may decide that the emergency scene only requires Extrication Gloves,(not your issued Structural Glove), if called upon to move or handle something hot, or if you accidently put your hand down on a heated service, you can do so with peace of mind and greater security in your well being. There is less chance you will get burned and require medical treatment because these Extrication Gloves are 100% lined with PyroBlanket™. Protecting you from the high heat you potentially will be exposed to during any emergency. As with most standard extrication gloves, abrasion resistance and dexterity are forefront, we've just upped the Standard with the Dragon Fire Extrication Glove lined with Kovenex™!

Setting the new Standard: Thermal Protective Performance (TPP Rating), was developed by NFPA, and evaluates the materials thermal insulation in the presence of both direct flame and radiant heat. A numerical number is attached to the material or garment based on complex formulas relating to heat transferred through the garment material to the amount of energy required to cause a second degree burn. The higher the TPP Rating, the better! Structural Fire Fighting gloves must meet a rating of 35 or greater for NFPA 1971 Edition for example.

Dragon Fire Extrication Gloves TPP Rating = 8

Structure Gloves  


Dragon Fire Structure gloves offer:

Three Dimensional Finger Construction

Extreme Bond Kovenex Liner

Space Age Polyurethane BBP /  Moisture Barrier

NFPA 1971: 2007 Edition

30% Greater TPP rating and protection than NFPA requirements

Brochure: Click Here for Dragon Fire info sheet

Chiba Extrication Gloves

Model: 62517 (available in XXS - XXL)

Top: Safecut, Kevlar & Reflex

Palm: Clarino, Rubberized Kevlar & Gel

Liner: Eurotex Barrier with Twaron Liner

Cut resistant all-around extrication and rope-handling glove. Knuckle protection, safety reflex, precurved fingers for a perfect fit. Anatomical palm patches made of rubberized Kevlar with gel crush padding. Thumb protection, carpal tunnel protection, waterseal cuff, breathable moisture regualtion - and again, Blood Borne Pathogen Resistant!

Structure Boots


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Structure Leather Fire Boots

Introducing the New 912 X2 Boot - now in stock

1 Boot = 3 sizes - removable filler soles to adjust from Regular, Wide or X Wide

Nothing beats a pair of Black Diamond leather fire boots. We use genuine fire-retardant leather and CROSSTECH® fabric that provides the ultimate in comfort, fit and protection. Go ahead, try a pair and enjoy the comfort. NFPA 1971: 2007 Edition

Structure Rubber Fire Boots

Not all rubber boots are made the same, Black Diamond Rubber Fire Boots provide maximum protection with all-day comfort and support. Each pair includes Ortholite® footbeds which provide unmatched comfort which are the best in the fire service. Try a pair and feel the difference. NFPA 1971: 2007 Edition

Structure Clothing

Bama Socks - in stock, size range 6 to 13

Balaclava's - in stock, NFPA 1071: 2007 Edition, shoulder notch, double layer

While we are not a direct dealer for Starfield Lion products, we do offer the complete product line as part of a unique relationship we have with BH Safety out of Manitoba.

Please contact us for information on the Starfield Lion products, we are happy to provide a quote. You'll be happy you did!