Barrier and Direction: 

Flex-Safe Barrier - Portable & Collapsable 7' Barricade 


            Carry Handle                                                        Compact Storage

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Signage & Warning:

Fold & Roll Sign, 36 or 48", available in Pink or Lime Green. Standard legends listed on pg 14 below.

Dicke Safety Products manufactures a wide range of quality safety products such as roll-up signs, sign stands, safety vests, barricade lights, and stop/slow paddles for use in construction and maintenance work zones and in emergency traffic control.

Our product line ranges from individual portable sign or stands, complete roll-up signs with stands to photocell Technology barrier lights


Cover, pg 2 - Sign Stands, pg 3 - Sign Stands, pg 4 - Sign Mounting, pg 5 - Sign Stand Specs, pg 6 - Sign Stand Twinflex, pg 7 - Sign Stand Dynaflex, pg 8 - Sign Stand Uniflex and Stacker, pg 9 - Dynalite, pg 10 - Sign Stand Tripod and Barrier Mount, pg 11 - Fold & Roll, pg 12 - Fire & Emergency, pg 13 - Roll Up Signs, pg 14 - Standard Legends, pg 15 - Custom Legends and Pedestrian Signs, pg 16 - Vests, pg 17 - Vests, pg 18 - Vests, pg 19 - Vests, pg 20 - Vests for Public Safety, pg 21 - Vest Chart, pg 22 - Bomber Jackets, pg 23 - Slow / Stop Paddle, pg 24 - Equipment Bags, Flags & Banners, pg 25 - Barricade Lights, pg 26 - Work Zone Pocket Reference, pg 27 - Company History

LED Flare:

Endorsed and recommended by: STARS Air Ambulance


PowerFlare® Safety Lights

Invented by a police officer, the PowerFlare® Safety Light is your best friend in the dark. Whether you're using it on the road during a traffic accident or taking it with you on a hike, this innovative new product is for you. PowerFlare® Safety Lights feature the latest in LED light technology, emitting light in all directions (can be seen for miles at night).

Each PowerFlare® unit is about the size of a hockey puck yet is strong enough to withstand being run over by trucks at highway speeds. Click here to see a PowerFlare® unit being run over by a fire truck.

Save 10% for MCI Kit, includes one each of:

      Bl. Command  Gr. Non Critical

      Am. Potential Critical  Rd. Critical

LZ (Landing Zone) Kit includes 4 Red Battery Powered PowerFlare's w. Bag - save 10%

PowerFlare® products provide a powerful, dynamic lighting platform for applications such as:

Search & rescue (SAR) operations: tag areas and items; personal safety light; emergency response teams (ERT, CERT)

Use as lantern in case of power failure, earthquake, hurricane or other disaster (get one for your disaster kit today!)

Attach as a safety light for bicycles and motorcycles (provides 360° coverage)

Helicopter landing zones (LZ)

SCUBA diving / boating and marine operations: waterproof to 300', certified to 80' 

Work zone safety: mount on cones or barricades

Tactical operations (military and SWAT): infrared (IR) version available

The PowerFlare PF-210 is 4.25" in diameter and 1.25" tall and is available in different shell colors:


LED Light Colors: red, amber (yellow), blue, green, white, and IR

Using batteries with a 10 year shelf life and that withstand extreme temperatures without leaking, PowerFlare lights are replacing light sticks in earthquake and hurricane kits for Emergency Response Teams (ERT, CERT).

There are two versions of the PowerFlare® Safety Light: the rechargeable version and the new Model PF-210 which features a user-replaceable CR123 lithium battery. The rechargeable units are designed for daily use (smart charger; no "memory effect"), while the PF-210 model is ideal to keep in the trunk of your car or a first aid kit, etc.

All of our products share the amazing ruggedness and brightness that make PowerFlare® Safety Lights popular with public safety agencies, companies, and individual consumers alike.


NEW VIDEO: Watch what happens when an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) Bomb Squad straps a PowerFlare® PF-210 unit to a suitcase containing 2 pounds of C-4 explosives:

Click here  to see the amazing video of Helicopter Landing Zone, Officer Deployment, Bomb Squad testing, Firetruck run over and Shotgun blast through plywood and glass!

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If you're ever pulled over on the side of the road - you need to be visible to other motorists! Protect yourself, your family and your vehicle with the Pack-A-Cone™.

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Standard Pack-A-Cone, 18 or 28" Height, Single or 4 Pack with Carry Case


Light-Up-Cones with built in LED (Lantern or Beacon Mode), 18 or 28" Height, Single / 3 or 4 Pack with Carry Case


Pro-Series with Built in LED (Lantern or Beacon Mode), Solid Rubber Base, 20 / 30 or 36" Height, Single / 3, 4 or 5 Pack with Carry case.

 Flashing LED Cone Topper available in a variety of colors, 2AA Batteries required.

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Expandable Pack-A-Bar: 3'8" expands to 6'6"

Choose Black with Reflective Yellow, or Dual Reflective Orange and Reflective White Stripe bars. Also available upto a 10' expanded length.

Marshal Wand:


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7 Patterns to choose from....12V Power....Mountable Control Box....8 Multi-LED Pods

  The Marshalling Wand is a hand held, battery powered warning light wand. Designed as a durable, quality-built, essential equipment for crowd and traffic control. The Marshalling Wand quickly attracts attention and has found wide acceptance by police, emergency medical crews and fire departments.

A traffic baton with 1001 uses (see accessory options), it is also used by school crossing guards, transport workers, construction and road crews, airport aircraft supervision, and car parking attendants.

The Marshalling Wand is so portable and light in weight that a child can handle it easily.

This traffic baton can be operated in the steady state or, with a flip of the switch, produce up to 120 flashes per minute. And readily tucked in a trunk or hung from the belt.

The Marshalling Wand is so affordable that no individual or organization need ever be without one or more. More than a foot of bright, flashing light that can be seen up to 1/2 mile away.

SPECIFICATIONS - BT-R Marshalling Wands / Traffic Batons Provides a reliable minimum of 300 hours of continuous flashing operation (with new batteries).
Powered by two (2) D-cell batteries. (Batteries not included). Easy grip handle with three-way rocker Switch – Off, Flash and Steady On. Emits a bright red flash with 4 LED bulbs. Operates in steady mode or in flashing mode where LED flash simultaneously. Rugged polycarbonate refractor lens and ABS handle.
Weighs only one pound with batteries. Over all length: 16” x 1-3/4” diameter.
Handy long life wrist strap and convenient designed-in clip for belt attachment.