Lights & Cases:

We stock most lights and smaller cases, but offer the complete line of Pelican™ Lights and Cases. if not in stock, our turn around time is usually less than 48hrs.

Pelican™ is renowned for their expertise in flashlights for the Fire department, intrinsically safe and waterproof. But did you know that they have applied just as much expertise in the other fields and all their products?

Guarantee of Excellence - YOU BREAK IT, WE REPLACE IT...FOREVER.


Available from Pelican

9430 Remote Scene Light: also available in Safety Model

• Up to 15 hours of burntime
• 2000 lumens of brightness
• Maintenance Free LED Array with life expectancy of 50,000 hours
• Fully extendable mast with 360 degree rotating head
• Waterproof Rubber Activation Switch
• Mast Extension Lock


9440 Remote Scene Light


The 9440 Portable Scene Light combines all the benifits of a Tri-pod light without the burden of a generator or extension cords.  10 LED's mounted in a telescoping head, range 37.5" - 86.25". Weighs only 16lbs and provide 2 light settings: 2400 Lumen or 1200 Lumen. The rechargeable NiMH battery has 3 hours of life at maximum output, or 6hrs at low setting.

The complete line of Pelican Lights & Cases are available, with most flashlights and standard, smaller cases in stock. Call us for all your custom sized or difficult to fit needs.

Firefighter Helmet Flashlight Accessories:

Designed by  Firemen for Firemen!

Whether you ride a truck in the big city or a small town, we've all been there. You're surrounded by thick black suffocating smoke. You can't see and you don't know the layout of your surroundings. You're pulling the hose, looking for victims and trying to put the fire out.

The heat you can take, but it's the not knowing what's around the next corner that's really dangerous. If only you could see a little better.

You've got a light somewhere... in your pockets, or attached to your jacket, or maybe even on your helmet. But, the light was pulled out of whack when you put your air pack on or maybe you bumped into something. Who knows where it points now. You just want to see through the smoke wherever you need to look... and not have to think about it.

That is why we developed the Blackjack.

You've got a tough job to do. You need to think about the safety of others more than you need to think about fixing your flashlight.

The Blackjack keeps your light where you put it... shining where you need it.

Product Information:

Tough: Built from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, not stamped stainless steel ot thermoplastic, so it can stand up to the same punishment you do.

Light Weight: Weighs only 1.8 oz.

Neccessary: Superior under brim three point contact design securly holds the light on the helmet where you put it, where you need it. Also keeps light from being knocked out of position / alignment.

Adaptable: Fits most firefighting helmets, both traditional and modern styles. The BlackJack™ helmet flashlight holder was designed around the Pelican 2400 series Stealthlight™, but with three styles to choose from, it will accomodate similar style and size lights from companies like Kohler Bright Star and UK.

 BJ001: Pelican 2300 & 2400, Brightstar 4AA, UK 4AA, Streamlight 2AA

 BJ002: Streamlight Pro-Polymer 4AA

 BJ003: Pelican 2300, Surfire 6P, G2 Nitrolon

Purchase the BlackJack™ together with a Pelican™ Flashlight and save 10%.