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Big Shears:

When you have used a tool for so long all of its qualities, (good and bad), can become standard in your everyday usage. It is the same with the use of the old standard trauma shears. Now finally, there is a better choice - for you and your patient!

Increased Stregth, Quality, Durability and Shear Power - you'll notice these the first time you lace your fingers through the handle - you'll notice the Big Shears™ Difference.

The first time your standard trauma shears couldn't cut through a motorbike riders leather / kevlar suit to enable you to treat their injuries; The first time your standard trauma shears blades split on that pair of simple blue jean pants; Whatever your experience, it should have been your old standard trauma shears last call. Your next call should be for the New Standard - Big Shears™!

Big Shears™ is a totally new design in emergency shears. Precision German Engineered, utilizing a chrome over nickel plated steel construction. Big Shears™ are so well made you will say, "WOW!" the first time you hold them. The user's hands are protected by high-impact polymer, no slip - guards. The handle is designed to easily break out a window or windshield in an emergency!

Durability is guaranteed! Although they pack a powerful punch, Big Shears™ weigh less than 1 pound (400 grams).

  The Original Big Shears™ 

Big Shears™ - the Cutting, Slicing, Breaking, Multi-Purpose Emergency Tool!

Big Shears™ Slice: Leather, Canvas, Seat Belts, All Garment Fabrics and more!

The rest of the Big Shears™ Family:      

  Big Shears™ Holster    

Specifically designed and engineered to hold your pair of Big Shears™. The Big Shears™ Holster is made of durable canvas with a quick release button latch. Protect your Big Shears™ emergency tool to assure it will be ready when you need it!

  Big Shears™ and Holster Pack

  Big Shears™ Mounting Bracket 

Use the convenient 4 pre-made screw holes to secure the Big Shears™ Mounting Bracket close at hand and where it will be readily accessible.

  Valiant II Cardiology Stethoscope

Approximetly 27" inches overall length: High acoustic sensitivity for quality auscultation: Strong stainless steel chest piece and binaural. The Valiant II Cardiology Stethoscope features standard cardiology style Y-tubing with internal binaural spring. 2 sided bell & diaphragm combo chest piece: Non-chill rim design provides patient comfort under their stressful time. Accessory box includes 2 pair of extra ear tips (hard and soft) & a replacement diaphragm, quality approved by the USA - FDA. 


Advantage Plastic Basket Stretcher

The ADVANTAGE is a completely redesigned stretcher and is unique among the high density polyethylene exterior basket stretchers on the market today.

The fully-internal stainless steel frame provides a 2500 lb. strength rating while giving a single-plane sliding surface on the bottom. The outer high density polyethylene (HDPE) shell is attached to the top tube, allowing the secondary rail to be completely exposed to provide full options for tying in your patient for the most technical rescue.

Generous cut-out sections in the shell provide numerous sections of exposed top rail for handling, and the 7/8" tubing allows for a more comfortable grip.

NAJO RediHold w/10 pins

The NAJO RediHold is our top-of-the-line backboard with two handles at a tapered end to allow for more stable transport. The head area is smooth to insure all head immobilization devices adhere to the board and the edges are angled for log-rolling. Strong, lightweight, one-piece HDPEconstruction is impervious to all bodily fluids, is easy to decontaminate, and provides 100% x-ray translucency. This board is also buoyant and can be used to float a patient in the water. Guaranteed for life under normal usage.

Wizloc® Cervical Collar

There is no substitute for a properly fitted cervical collar. The universal design of the WizLoc provides a collar capable of fitting 90% of all patients. With its 3-step adjustment, application is fast regardless of patient position. The unique self-centering mandibular support allows you to custom fit the WizLoc to the patient. A simple adjustment to the occipital support also accommodates all ends of the sizing spectrum. The WizLoc gives you greater control, greater patient comfort, and a better fit, which means safer conditions for the patient.

Fastrap Quick Restraint System

The Ferno Fastrap? Quick Restraint 10-point, six-strap system is used to quickly secure patients to backboards and other devices. It is designed for easy storage and rapid application in patient immobilization. The color-coded Fastrap is black, red, yellow, green and gray, sequentially coded. The Fastrap system is constructed of nylon webbing with hook-and-loop closures at the ends of the straps. The Fastrap system is compatible with Ferno backboards and Scoop stretchers. Size is adjustable from adult to pediatric.


A world leader of Core Diagnostic Equipment!

ADC Products are manufactured form the finest materials with an uncompromising concern for quality.

So compare the quality, performance, and most importantly, the value of ADC Products to any others you can buy.


Electronic, Cardiology, Adult and Pediatric Stethoscopes, available up to 34 different colors and 20 styles including disposable.


Blood Pressure Cuffs, Portable or Fixed, Single or Double Tube, Electronic or Manual, Latex Free and more.


Diagnostic Instruments including disposable penlights in a variety of colors, to Otoscopes.




Airway capture with disposable or reusable Intubation Blades in either Standard or Fibre Optic, Guedal OPA's in 8 sizes, color coded, individual wrapped or in a case.


Medicut Trauma Shears - alone, in a Vertical or Horizontal Holster, or in a Waist Sheath, available in 18 different colors.


Incredibly durable, extrodinarily versatile medical Trauma Bag for the pre-hospital care professional. Constructed oh 600 denier nylon, measures 17.5x10.75x7". The heavy duty, padded Medical Nylon Bag to protect your most valuable equipemnt. Measures 13.5x9x5.5".

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         Infant, Child & Adult BVM's                                  NC, O2 Tubing, Nebs, O2 Masks etc


                     OPA Sets                                                                all sizes of O2 Tanks


    O2 Regulators                                                                                  Manual Suction

Plus much more