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Introducing the most revolutionary new Stabilizing Strut System on the market!

Incorporating into any stabilization scenario, designed to work in conjunction and inline of the NT Lifting Bags, never have to manually "crib an inch" as you lift because the struts follow the load and lock at the slightest perssure - keep your rescue staff safe and out of the way. Newly designed base plate / point load plate for the NT Lifting Bags now also serve as the Base for the new Struts. Available with swivel and rocking head attachments to assist in following the load.

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In 1972, ResQTec started by introducing (in partnership with Hurst Performance), the hydraulic rescue tool concept into the world market. Hurst Performance dedicated its efforts to the North American continent, and ResQTec for the rest of the world. This partnership led to several innovations that changed the way you do rescue operations. Beside the spreader, products like the dedicated cutter and the ram were developed during this partnership. In 1990 Hurst Performance and ResQTec split up due to differences in strategy. Since then our presence has grown rapidly, we believe mostly due to the startegy to develop innovative products. One of our biggest successes has come from the development of the NT lifting bag, which is being adopted quickly due to thr advantages it gives the rescuer.

As a leading manufacturer in the rescue industry, our vision is not to be the biggest in the market, but to be the best. We make no compromise when it comes to product performance.



Rapid and easy to use they are the must have for the professional resuer. They can be used for any cribbing application during rescue operations and have several advantages over wood as a means of cribbing a structure. The unique interlocking and stacking desing makes any stabilization of a structure fast! With the ability to withstand loads of up to 60 US Tons, you are able to crib everything you're working on. Get more control over a situation and more safety for victim and rescuer.

 Hydraulic Cutters spec sheet

The Cutter G6 is the highest performing cutter on the market. It is the most powerful and lightest heavy duty cutter you can get. More importantly, it combines extreme cutting capabilities with optimum handling.

 Hydraulic Spreaders spec sheet

The Spreader X4S is the highest performing spreader on the market. It combines high spreading force with an effective angle of up to 67 degrees, optimizing your spreading action throughout the whole spread. With the extreme pointed jaws gets you into the narrowest openings.

 Q1 Mini Cutter / Spreader spec sheet

Your loyal buddy in those hard to reach places. With its swivelling head, it is able to reach places where other tools cannot. Where your fist can go, the Q1 will go with you. With an amazing performance, it is able to cut much more than just a pedal. It is even able to spread!

 Hydraulic Combi Tool spec sheet

The Frontliner Fx series is what sets us apart. It has the highest performance for combined cutting and spreading tool on the market. Easily detach the jaws and you have a dedicated cutter that equals the G series in capacity.

 Hydraulic Rams and Extensions

Being the company that developed the original rescue ram, we know something about them. A ram stands in service of the spreader and cutter, for when you need to create more room and have the same spreading capacity over the long area. That is why you want not only a performance ram,but one that works in cooperation with your main tools. Furthermore, rams need to work together, by overlapping each other: meaning the V4 can take over from the V2 if needed. Due to EWO technology the rams are extremely easy to carry and position. They achieve a firm grip in a structure - the Ram V series are ready when you need them.

 Hydraulic Mini Pumps

There is a lot to tell about a power unit, but you probably just want to know if it will always work and deliver the necessary power to the tool. The answer is yes! The Mini / Maxi series are equiped with high flow pumps to give speed and performance, with no speed loss when using multiple tools in Simo or Trimo use. Lightweight and excellent cooling cabability. The Maxi series are available to connect or operate one, two, three even four tools at the same time.

 Pumps w. Hose Reels

For complete details and further information on other ResQTec product and accessories, please visit www.resqtec.com.

 Hydraulic Assossories

 NT Pneumatic Bags - 100% Height, 100% Pressure even when stacked and locked together!

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Vehicle, Structural and Trench Stabilization:


Prospan Manufacturing Co., Inc., is a company founded as a result of the design limitations of competitor products. Prospan's sole purpose is to make safer through product design and engineering, the tools and equipment used to protect our workers.

These patented products have been designed to be simple to use and incredibly strong. Common applications include trench wall support as well as structural and vehicular stabilizations.


Telescoping Aluminum Support System - Vehicle Extrication Specialty

Designed primarily for stabilizing motor vehicles involved in crashes, the TASS is a patented, 3 tier telescoping aluminum support system.

Like all ProSpan product, the TASS has been designed to be simple to use and incredibly strong. Independant testing by the University of Illinois, shows the TASS to be one of the strongest vehicle stabilization products in the world.


- 3 tierred, Telescoping Aluminum Pistons

- Knurled, easy-Grab Collars

- Tethered Detent Ball Pins

-Anodized Finish

Incredible Strength

            Kit #1: 26 - 48"                  Kit #2: 43 - 102"            Kit #3: Kit #1 + Kit #2

We are confident you’ll find the Prospan design to be far superior to any other pneumatic shore on the market.

 Trench Shoring with Pneumatic System

OSHA 29 CFR 1926.650 mandates the installation of a protective system in trenches to guard against cave-in. There are three recognized methods of protection; Sloping, Shielding and Shoring. All three are excellent, however, as a result of trench location and the underground utilities commonly encountered, shoring has become the most versatile method of protection.

After years of research, Prospan has designed and engineered the most advanced pneumatic shoring device on the market. The Prospan design enables both the underground contractor as well as rescue personnel to come into compliance and shore practically anything encountered.


Trench Load Data                                                              Structural Load Data